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Peace Bridge Celebrates 75 Years

On June 1, 1927, the Peace Bridge was opened to the public making Buffalo, New York and Fort Erie, Ontario chief ports-of-entry to their respective countries.
At the time, the Peace Bridge was the only vehicular bridge on the Great Lakes from Niagara Falls to Minnesota.  Today, it remains one of North America’s most important commercial ports with approximately 4,000 trucks crossing it daily.  The Peace Bridge is the busiest passenger crossing and third busiest commercial crossing on the northern border.  During 2011, more than six million vehicles traversed the bridge.  Click here to view a short video on “Border Crossing 101.”
The Peace Bridge consists of five arched spans over the Niagara River and a Parker through-truss over the Black Rock Canal.  Its total length is 5,800 feet including 3,500 feet of steelwork, 9,000 tons of structural steel and 800 tons of reinforcing steel in the concrete abutments.  The three traffic lanes are fully reversible depending on traffic flow.  A major obstacle during construction was the water current from Lake Erie draining to the Niagara River which ranges from 7.5 to 12 miles per hour.
CBP operates a major port on the U.S. side of the bridge where cargo and passengers are inspected.  In addition, CBP adjudicates many NAFTA applications such as TNs and L-1 petitions.  Criminal waiver applications are also accepted at the Peace Bridge.
Rosanna Berardi appears at the Peace Bridge with clients several times each week for various matters.  We would be happy to work with you if you require the services of an experienced immigration attorney.  Please contact us by calling 877-721-6100 or send an e-mail by clicking here.
Page summary:  The Peace Bridge has been opened to the public for 75 years.  Rosanna Berardi appears at the Peace Bridge each week to advocate to clients on various matters.