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Recent Naturalization Updates from USCIS

Fingerprint Scanning Technology Concept Illustration. Fingerprint Searching Software. Identity Check.

Since Naturalization applications are now being processed electronically, USCIS has announced two important filing updates.

Firstly, you no longer need to submit two passport-style photographs with your application. Your photo will now be taken during your biometrics appointment at the Application Support Center (ASC). However, this does not apply to applicants residing overseas. If you are residing overseas, you will still need to include the two passport-style photos with your application.

Secondly, all applicants, regardless of age, will be scheduled for a biometrics appointment at their local ASC. This is due in large part to improved technology and USCIS’s ability to capture fingerprints from applicants of all ages. This change will enhance USCIS’s ability to confirm your identity and perform the required background checks.

The new biometrics requirement will mostly inconvenience applicants aged 75 years and older. Previously, these applicants were exempt from attending a biometrics appointment. Although they are now required to have their biometrics taken, they are still exempt from paying the biometrics fee.

USCIS is in the process of updating the N-400 form instructions, Policy Manual and Guide to Naturalization to reflect these new updates.

USCIS ensures that their facilities are accessible to individuals with disabilities, and they can also make special arrangements to accommodate the needs of the elderly and applicants with disabilities who are homebound or hospitalized.

You can request an accommodation for an appointment by submitting a service request online or by calling the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at any time at 800-375-5283 (TDD: 800-767-1833).

If you are a U.S. green card holder and you are interested in becoming a naturalized citizen, please contact us today  to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys!