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E-visa news, case studies, and more to help you with your investor/trader-related needs.

  • E-2 Visa approval for an Australian citizen in the US Fiberglass Pool Industry

    Our firm recently had the pleasure of guiding an Australian client to a successful E-2 visa approval, paving the way for their influential role as a manager with a growing U.S. fiberglass pool company. This achievement not only underscores our commitment to facilitating impactful business ventures but also highlights the potential for international professionals to […]
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  • E-2 Visa Success Story: Opening a Hotel in the US

    At Berardi Immigration Law, we recently had the pleasure of guiding a Canadian entrepreneur through the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa process. This client’s journey not only underscores the potential of the E-2 visa for business expansion but also showcases our commitment to stress free and successful immigration experiences. Client Background Our client, an experienced hotel […]
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  • E-2 Visa Success Story: Launching a U.S. Animation Studio

    At Berardi Immigration Law, we assist clients in achieving their business goals in the U.S. through strategic immigration pathways. Recently, we successfully helped a client establish a production company specializing in high-quality animated shows. Here’s a look at our collaborative journey. Consultation and Business Formation Our client approached us with the idea of starting an […]
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  • E-2 Visa Success Story: Opening a Modern Indoor Sports Training Facility

    Our team at Berardi Immigration Law recently assisted a client with an exciting venture: establishing a modern indoor sports training facility in the United States. This facility focuses on comprehensive athlete development, offering programs that enhance physical abilities like speed and strength alongside mental skills. Client’s Vision & Business Setup The client envisioned a temperature-controlled […]
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  • E-2 Visa Success Story: Launching a U.S. Accounting Firm

    We recently assisted a client in successfully obtaining an E-2 Treaty Investor Visa to establish an accounting firm in the United States. Here’s a brief overview of the process and the steps involved. Client’s Goal & Initial Setup Our client, an experienced accountant, aimed to expand their career by setting up a new firm in […]
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  • Paws & Reflect: Securing an E-2 Visa for a Canadian Entrepreneur in the Dog Training Industry

    In the world of immigration law, every client’s journey is unique and full of potential. One of our most heartwarming success stories this year involves a Canadian entrepreneur who turned their passion for dog training into a thriving business in the United States, all made possible through the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa. Initial Consultation and […]
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  • Foundations of Success: Expanding a Property Management Business into the US with an E-2 Visa

    Navigating the complex landscape of U.S. immigration can be daunting for many aspiring entrepreneurs. At Berardi Immigration Law, we recently had the opportunity to guide a Canadian client through this process, enabling them to expand their property management and home renovations business into the United States.  Initial Consultation and Strategic Planning Our journey began when […]
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  • Beauty without Borders: An E-2 Visa Success Story

    In the competitive skincare industry, a Canadian entrepreneur with a successful product line sought to expand into the U.S. market. Understanding the complexity of U.S. immigration laws, the entrepreneur approached our firm for guidance on how to effectively expand their business across the border. Strategic Planning After a detailed discussion with our team, it was […]
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  • Planting Dreams in U.S. Soil: An E-2 Visa Success Story

    Embarking on international expansion is a significant step for any business, marked by challenges and opportunities alike. This narrative outlines the journey of a Canadian company, specializing in greenhouse kits, as it ventured into the U.S. market by establishing a subsidiary in Florida. This story is not only about business expansion but also a testament […]
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  • Blueprint for Success: The E-2 Visa Journey of a Florida HVAC Business

    Embarking on the path to establishing a business in a new country is no small feat. It requires not just a vision but a deep commitment to turning that vision into reality. Today, we share a more grounded yet equally inspiring story of an entrepreneur who achieved this through the E-2 visa route, focusing on […]
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