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Saluting "Oscar," Berardi Immigration Law awards the "Immies"

At Berardi Immigration Law, our Visa Services Department works with Embassies and Consulates across the globe to schedule Nonimmigrant Visa Interviews for clients.
We’ve asked the head of our Visa Services Department, Yvonne Grist, to poll the department and come up with some Countries that deserve to be recognizes with a 2013 Immie award. Criteria includes:

• Availability of Interviews;

• Ease of paying MRV and other associated fees;

• Ability to reach Consular or Embassy personnel with questions and concerns;

• Turn around time for return of the visa/passport; and

• Clearly implemented process to request expedited appointments.

Based on all of our data collected, we are proud to announce the following awards:
The Immies for “Best Scheduling Procedures” AND “Best Passport Tracking” goes to Melbourne, Australia! Even with the time difference our visa agents are able to book your appointment 24 hours a day and pay your MRV fee during the booking process. The passport turnaround time has historically been the shortest of all Consulates and Embassies that we deal with on a regular basis. Additionally, they have a 24 hour a day system for tracking the passport return and the response is nearly instantaneous.
The Immie for the “Best Customer Service” goes to London, UK! We have found that the staff consistently looks for ways to make it more convenient to work with them. We are often able to obtain expedited appointments on behalf of our clients with an urgent need to obtain a visa to the U.S.
Auckland, New Zealand comes out on top with the Immie for “Best Kept Secret.” Similar to their Aussie neighbors, Auckland has excellent turnaround time and payment procedures are uncomplicated.
Back in Europe, we can’t forget Paris, France. If you need your passport back in a hurry, Paris is our Embassy of choice. The Immie for “Best Passport Return Procedure” goes to Paris.
Berardi Immigration Law salutes all of the people who work so hard to keep our Visa system running and serve the interests of those who wish to travel to the United States for business or personal reasons. Each Embassy sets its own operating procedures based on conditions in the country in which they operate, technology availability, traffic through the Embassy and other factors. Because of this, there are no “global” operating procedures. Since the world-wide deployment of the electronic Form DS-160, many individuals find completing the form and scheduling their appointment to be a daunting, confusing task. That’s where Berardi Immigration Law can help. If you need assistance working your way through the process of obtaining a visa to the United States, contact our Visa Services Department today.