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Success at the Peace Bridge

Last week, Berardi Immigration Law had a very busy schedule at the Peace Bridge.  Rosanna Berardi, our managing partner, and Jennifer Early, our associate attorney, met a total of six clients to present their applications for a U.S. work permit – and all were immediately approved.  Some of our cases included the following:

  •  A TN for a Management Consultant within the food retail industry.  Management Consultant applicants are one of the most closely scrutinized TN classifications.  Aware of the types of issues that can arise with these applications, we were able to draft the application to proactively address some common and not-so-common pitfalls of this classification.
  •  A Change of Status from L-1B (specialized knowledge) to L-1A (manager/executive) for an Equestrian Specialist who was promoted to a higher level position as the General Manager of an equestrian facility.  This allowed him to work in the U.S. in L-1A status for an additional two years beyond the 5-year limit as an L-1B.  Getting the timing right on these types of requests is absolutely critical.  If the timing is off, your client may be approved for the new L-1A status, but lose out on the additional two years of time regardless.
  •  An L-1B Extension for a client with very specialized knowledge regarding video surveillance systems.
  •  Two L-1A approvals for clients holding high-level positions with their corporate employers.  One client, prior to coming to our firm, had been denied entry into the U.S. the previous week while on his way to an important business meeting in the U.S.  While the purpose of his trip technically fell within permissible B-1 activities, CBP thought otherwise and advised our client to obtain a work permit.  Berardi Immigration Law drafted an L-1A application on his behalf to minimize any future hassles when crossing the border into the U.S. for business.
  •  A TN approval for a Computer Systems Analyst for an IT services company.

At Berardi Immigration Law, we are experts in helping both small and large companies facilitate the transfer of business personnel to the U.S. from Canada.  Our role is to strategize the immigration options available in light of your short and long term goals, draft the entire application on your behalf, and meet you at the Peace Bridge to present your application to the government.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation and allow us to assist you in crossing the border with confidence!