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Tag: Canadian Immigration

  • Canadian Immigration: Work Permits

    There are several different paths one can take when attempting to move to and work in Canada. The Canadian government has many rules and regulations in place to control the flow of immigrants and workers coming to the country. Below, we will outline a few of the different main documents workers and employers will need […]
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  • Canadian Immigration: Marriage-Based Green Cards

    Spousal sponsorship is a popular method for obtaining a green card. At Berardi Immigration Law, we understand the importance of uniting with your significant other and will make every effort to ensure it happens. Below you’ll find some information regarding the process of receiving a marriage-based green card in Canada.  Who can I sponsor? The […]
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  • Canada’s Express Entry Draws Return to Normal Today

    Canada’s immigration department is restarting its draws today for all programs under Express Entry – a system used to select so-called economic immigrants – after it temporarily shut down over the pandemic and travel restrictions that came with it. Find out more in the video below and read about Exploring Canadian Citizenship on our blog. […]
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