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  • B Visa Offers One Option for Same-Sex Couples (Part Three of Three)

    As the final installment of our three-part series, today’s blog will address a very specific solution for some LGBT couples – The B visa for same-sex partners. While the country waits for the Supreme Court to hear two cases related to the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), same-sex individuals continue to look for options […]
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  • Agents as O-1 Sponsors

    Many O-1 petitions are filed by traditional employers where the beneficiary will perform one specific job with just one specific employer. In the entertainment industry, however, the traditional employer/employee relationship doesn’t always exist. Many self-employed workers (actors, performers, musicians, etc.) use agents to arrange short-term jobs with multiple employers. There are several options which provide flexibility for […]
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  • O is for the Oscars and O-1 visas

    February 24th is Hollywood’s biggest award night – The Oscars.  While many actors are U.S. Citizens or permanent residents (green card holders), there are just as many who are not.  So, how do foreign national actors and others in the entertainment industry work in the U.S.?   The O-1 visa category.   The O-1 visa category […]
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  • Success with TN Applications can be a matter of DEGREE …

    Yesterday, Rosanna Berardi accompanied three Canadian clients to the Peace Bridge to present their applications for TN status. All three were approved in record time – just over one hour! Two of the three applicants had a similar issue.  Both were applying for TN work permits under the Computer Systems Analyst category. They both had […]
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  • ALERT: Requests for Evidence and Denial Rates by CIS have Increased Dramatically

    New data obtained from CIS indicates a substantial increase in the number of Requests for Evidence (RFEs) and Denials issued with respect to nonimmigrant employment-based petitions (L, H, O, P for example).  This is despite the fact that the law and relevant regulations remain unchanged.
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