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Tag: L-1B

  • Client Approval: Canadian L-1B Work Permit at the Border

    Immigration attorney Erica Chiodo shares a client approval story. The client was looking for help with her L-1B renewal. We scheduled a prep call with the client to ensure a smooth experience. And we’re happy to report she was granted a three year renewal. If you need help to apply for status, contact Berardi Immigration […]
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  • Client Testimonial from K.R. Davidson, Vice President of Sales and Operations, General Counsel at Herman’s Supply Company, Inc.

    When Herman’s Building Centres expanded from Canada to open a new office in the United States, Mr. Davidson was required to obtain U.S. work authorization. He came to Berardi Immigration Law for guidance and we advised Mr. Davidson that he would need an L-1A visa. Our firm prepared a thorough L-1 application for Mr. Davidson. […]
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  • L-1A Executives Receiving Scam Letters

    A number of L-1A employers have recently reported receiving suspicious letters being sent to their L-1A executives. The letters use incorrect grammar and claim to be signed by Lori Scialabba, the Deputy Director of USCIS. The scam letter claims that the executives do not earn a high enough salary and must appear for an interview. […]
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  • USCIS Releases Proposed L-1B Specialized Knowledge Guidance Memo

    USCIS recently released a proposed policy memorandum on adjudication of the L-1B specialized knowledge nonimmigrant visa category. This is a much-anticipated memo, as practitioners and employers have been awaiting this guidance since USCIS promised to review consistency of L-1B adjudication in 2012. The policy memo aims to supersede and rescind previous L-1B guidance issued over […]
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