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  • Welcome to Berardi Immigration Law

    Meet Founder and Managing Partner Rosanna Berardi as she describes the services our firm offers and how our attorneys can help make your American dreams a reality!
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  • Green Cards for Same Sex Marriage

    Managing Partner Rosanna Berardi discusses the process of obtaining a marriage based green card for same-sex couples. Rosanna outlines the different paths which are available during this process and helpful information to remember about each.
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  • Marriage-Based Green Cards

    In this video, Managing Partner Rosanna Berardi details the steps of the green card process, the different paths available, and how to ensure a successful outcome.
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  • Maintaining Your Green Card Status

    In this video, Managing Partner Rosanna Berardi goes through the requirements for maintaining green card status. Rosanna outlines the process of a re-entry permit and why you should consider this to help maintain your green card status if you cannot meet all green card requirements.
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