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Tag: Vermont

  • Northern Border Regional Commission Launches J-1 Visa Waiver Expansion Program

    On December 5, 2023, the Northern Border Regional Commission (NBRC) announced its J-1 Visa Waiver Expansion Program. As part of its effort to provide rural and underserved areas in Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont with adequate access to quality and affordable healthcare, this program aims to streamline the visa process for physicians trained […]
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  • L-1 Case Summary 10.11.2019

    One of applicants applied at the Derby Line point of entry in Vermont.  The first time applicant managed teams in the U.S. and Canada.  Our team overcame the challenge of establishing the affiliation between the two teams, including translating voluminous documents and highlighting what information from those documents was important for the case.  Attorney Sarah […]
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