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Ruth Garbanzo

Associate Attorney

Ruth Garbanzo is a highly experienced attorney who specializes in immigration law, particularly in assisting corporate clients with the employment-based green card process. She has a strong track record in successfully guiding employers from various industries – including Information Technology, Engineering Services, and Healthcare – through the complex process of obtaining permanent labor certifications for foreign workers, often involving Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) labor certification.

Ruth’s legal journey began at South Texas College of Law Houston, where she honed her legal skills and gained a strong foundation in immigration law. During her time in law school, she also served as an Equal Justice America Fellow at a non-profit organization. In this role, she contributed her expertise to a diverse range of immigration cases, including those related to T-visas, U-visas, and VAWAs (Violence Against Women Act).

Before joining the Berardi Immigration Law team, Ruth established her legal career as an Associate Attorney at an employment-based immigration firm in Houston, Texas. This experience provided her with valuable insights and expertise in the field of immigration law.

What sets Ruth apart is her dedication to providing exceptional, client-centered service. She understands the intricate and often challenging nature of the immigration process, and her mission is to ensure that her clients feel well-informed and at ease throughout every stage of their immigration journey. She goes the extra mile to provide her clients with a sense of assurance and confidence as they navigate the complex immigration system.

Outside of her legal career, Ruth is an avid traveler who enjoys exploring new destinations with her husband and 1-year-old son. They also share a love for the outdoors and hiking, making the most of their time together as a family.