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Sam Tiranno

NAFTA Paralegal

Samuel J. Tiranno is a tremendous asset to Berardi Immigration Law. Sam began his immigration career in 1973 working in the Buffalo District Office of the legacy Immigration & Naturalization Service (“INS”). He was soon appointed to the position of Immigration Inspector, working “on the front line” at the Peace Bridge until the U.S. and Canada entered into the North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”) in 1989. At that time, Sam was promoted to Free Trade Officer and was sent to Washington, DC and St. Albans, VT for extensive training relating to the new agreement. During that time he learned in-depth adjudication procedures for various employment-based visa categories, including the L-1 (intra-company transferees) and TN (Trade NAFTA).

Upon his return to Buffalo, NY, Sam became known throughout North America as an expert Free Trade Officer. During his time as a Free Trade Officer at the Peace Bridge, he inspected, on average, 75-80 applicants per week for TN status and 35-50 applicants per week for L-1 status. He became proficient in inspecting applicants, reviewing corporate documents, and adjudicating work applications.

Sam now brings those three decades of government experience, and his unique insider’s perspective, to Berardi Immigration Law where he works exclusively on the analysis of NAFTA category employment-based visa cases. He is also available to accompany clients to the Peace Bridge for the presentation of their cases to the government.

When he isn’t assisting our firm, Sam is a family man who proudly wears the titles of son, husband, father, and grandfather.