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Technology & Immigration: New App Aims to Make Visa Applications Easier

Visa processing has always been a hassle for nonimmigrants, hours of work is required to sift through all the documents and required items to include in one’s application. Some in the technology world are looking to change this norm, however. A company by the name of ‘Atlys’ is on the forefront of this technological revolution, with their app promising to take the visa application process time down to just five minutes. 

Using the Atlys mobile app, an applicant would answer a few questions about their travels (e.g. where you are from, travel purpose, etc.) and scan in the required documents. There is also the ability to take passport photos and pick them up at Walgreens and to ask your manager for a letter of employment signed through the DocuSign application. Atlys then compiles all the information provided and gives it to the required immigration authorities. This is a paid service and the price tops out at about $50.

Atlys’s technology is very in demand as evidenced by its recent seed funding round which raised $4.25 million. This seed round was led by Andreesen Horowitz with contributions by Pinterest co-founders Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp, Long Journey Ventures, South Park Commons Fund, Ari Emanuel’s Endeavor Fund, and Mantis VC; a fund owned by EDM group The Chainsmokers. The big-name funds in this seed round are evidence to people’s high hopes and expectations for Atlys.

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