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Testimonial Categories: General

  • Valerie F.

    "Thank you so much for the professional, helpful, and efficient support you have provided me in pursuing this application. I am most appreciative. One of the main reasons that I chose your firm was because of the excellent testimonial comments on your website. My decision was further supported by the personal and detailed phone conferences you provided which helped enormously."

  • Jerry H.

    "It was an absolute delight working with the Berardi legal team. Your responsiveness, thoroughness, and knowledge were very much appreciated. Making sure I knew what I was getting into and ensuring you had what you needed in the way of paperwork reduced the stress considerably. From my first phone call with Susan, I have been very pleased with the efficiency and pleasantness in how I have been treated. Your expertise, ability to make the process simple and easy to understand was terrific. Your calm and professional demeanour put me at ease, this is especially wonderful given previous unpleasant and confusing Visa application and renewal experiences. THANK YOU ALL!"

  • Nadia H.

    "Thank you a million times over for all of your help. You have been nothing short of sensational – professional, organized and wonderful on every level. Thanks again for everything- you couldn’t have made this a more positive experience. I will be sure to stay in touch!"

  • Jerry H.

    "Thank you Gabriella for putting me in the right state of preparedness for meeting our friends at the border this morning. Your explanation and process walk through yesterday was both reassuring and reduced my anxiety. Thank you Rosanna for your calm presence and picking such a wonderful officer this morning. Being so well prepared and informed made the entire experience both pleasant and time efficient. I never dreamed I would be back home by noon. I will be thanking my son-in-law for putting me in touch with your firm."