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Testimonial Categories: TN Visa

  • Ravi Shankar

    "My firm wanted to provide management consultancy services to a US-based company to advise its clients on optimum ERP strategy and related. As part of that, I needed to travel to the US to meet with the clients to provide the consultancy services agreement. I was very happy with (Berardi's) expertise of law and in advising on the best way to approach the US travel. You drafted the consultancy services agreement and the TN Management Consultant petition for my travel, representing my company very carefully and in full compliance of the law. When I went to the border to present and meet with the Officer, it was clear and the processing went quite smooth. (Thanks for) the knowledge and expertise of your counsel and the professionalism with which they handled my requirement."

  • Tamiko S.

    "Before finding Berardi Immigration, I was struggling to find a lawyer in the US that specializes in TN visas. I had undergone discovery calls with a number of firms, but none that I felt I could give my full confidence to in handling my application. I came across Berardi Immigration after a Google search and was immediately impressed by the knowledge, relevant years of experience, and raving reviews Rosanna and her team had accumulated. From my first interaction getting in contact with Rosanna to the touchpoints and interactions I had leading up to submitting the application, I was able to stay confident that the team I had entrusted with my case (and my future) were working diligently and efficiently to ensure the experience would be as seamless as possible. Thank you so much to Rosanna, Zach, and Sam for your empathy and support towards my application."

  • Gianna

    "My husband, Kyle needed to get a TN visa and later on, a green card. Berardi Immigration Law was extremely helpful in clearly explaining what we needed to do, outlining the best way to do it, reminding us when deadlines were approaching and fixing any problems that arose. And of course, securing the visa and green card in the end. In all of this, the firm was quick to respond and very pleasant to work with. The experience was painless - and immigration dealings are often the opposite - and we knew we could always trust that Berardi Immigration Law would come through in the end. Having that trust gave us peace of mind during otherwise stressful times."

  • Jane T.

    "Thanks for all your help! I heard all about what happened with the driver’s license, etc. Never a dull moment in the world of applying for a TN Visa! That’s why we truly appreciate people like yourself who can help with the whole process… makes our lives much easier! Thanks again Rosanna!"

  • Nancy M.

    "Rosanna and everyone on her team created a flawless customer experience for me as a consultant needing to renew a TN visa. From beginning to end they were proactive, thorough, efficient, and friendly. They gave me great peace of mind in a very stressful situation that had enormous potential for negative consequences. I can recommend them with complete confidence, and I look forward to dealing with them again in the future."

  • Alina G.

    "I needed help to prepare a TN Visa application. After my consultation with Zach, I was confident to have BIL draft my TN Visa application. Zach explained the process in detail and prepared me for the interview. It was comforting to have a reputable firm that's extremely familiar with this process draft my application as well as prepare me for the interview."