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TN and L-1 Case Summary 02.05.2019

Rosanna Berardi, the Managing Partner of Berardi Immigration Law, recently had two successful cases presented to Customs and Border Protection at the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, New York. The first case was a TN application. This case was unique because this client had previously been denied at the border when trying to apply for TN status. TN applications can be complex and this is why we always recommend discussing your options with an experienced immigration attorney before trying to do it yourself. Our firm prepared her package and Rosanna met her in Fort Erie in order to review her application and answer all of her last minute questions. The client was successfully approved for TN status for a one-year period. The second case was for an L-1 application. This case was also unique in that the U.S. entity was incorporated in 2014 but did not yet have any ongoing business. Our office tackled this issue by treating the application as a “new office” application. We were able to provide a business plan and U.S. office lease and this application was also successfully approved by CBP. If you are interested in learning more about the L-1 or TN visa, be sure to contact Berardi Immigration Law today!