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Careful consideration should be given to degree for TN application

In another successful TN border case, Managing Partner, Rosanna Berardi, represented a client who wanted to obtain a TN visa.
The TN visa is available to Canadian or Mexican nationals seeking employment under the NAFTA Treaty.  The job position must be one of the approved professions set forth by NAFTA, like Accountant, Computer Systems Analyst, Engineer, and Management Consultant.  Also, a baccalaureate degree and/or appropriate business license is required.
In this particular case, our client earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics.  While this degree major is not the “normal major” for an Accountant, the Berardi Immigration Law team presented the argument that our client should still be granted the requested status.  We showed through transcripts that our client’s degree included accounting and other “normal” courses that are taken in the accounting major.  Based on our argument, the transcripts, our client’s years of experience in the accounting employment field and his Canadian Chartered Accounting Designation, our TN application was approved.

If you have questions about obtaining a TN visa or determining if your degree would satisfy the requirements, please contact our office today.