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Top Tips for Surviving Summer Travel

Summer is almost here, and for many, that means vacation. Summer travel doesn’t have to be stressful. Be sure to follow these tips for hassle-free travel and an easy start to your vacation! 
Prepare ahead of time, especially for international travel 
Before you step out of the door, make sure you’ve done your research. Be sure to have all appropriate documents, such as passports and airplane tickets. Make sure you’re up to date on prohibited items before reaching the border or security at the airport. If you’re driving across the border, verify that your car insurance still covers you. Call your credit card companies ahead of time to let them know you’ll be traveling; the last thing you want to deal with on vacation is no access to your credit card. 
Plan for delays
Delays are usually inevitable, especially at major international airports. Incorporate this into your plan to make sure you have enough time for connecting flights. If you plan on driving, have alternate routes mapped out. You can check the crossing times at ports of entry at the Canadian and Mexican border online. Sometimes taking the scenic route can end up saving you time and a headache. 
Stay connected
Download travel apps before you leave. There are a number or airline, hotel and transportation apps that can help save you time and energy, no matter how or where you’re traveling to. Currency converters and language translation apps can be indispensable if you’re traveling abroad. Do your research ahead of time to see which apps will be most useful to you. 
Try to avoid traveling at peak times 
If possible, try not to travel during especially busy times, such as weekends or during rush hour. Early morning, midday and late evening are usually a safe bet in terms of road travel. If you’re flying, try to avoid weekends as well. Mid-week is usually the slowest time. Early flights are a great option, since they are generally on schedule and you have the chance to rebook if your flight gets delayed or cancelled. 
Pack a travel health kit
It’s never fun getting sick, but it’s worse if you’re unprepared. Pack a small health kit of over-the-counter medications, medication for upset stomach and motion sickness, Band-Aids and antiseptic cream.
Travel light
Only bring what you need for your trip. Avoid checking bags at the airport if you can. If you do have to check bags, make sure that all your essentials, such as medication, tickets and passports, are accessible in your carry on. 
Berardi Immigration Law wishes all of our clients safe and happy summer travels! If you are crossing the border and have questions, please contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys today!