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U.S. Department of State Announces Processing posts for Ukrainian Visa Applicants

According to the State Department, the U.S. Mission to Ukraine is not currently offering visa services. Effective immediately, the Consulate General in Frankfurt Germany will process Ukrainian Immigrant visas (IVs), including Diversity Visa (DV) and Fiancé (K-1) visas. The Frankfurt Consulate will not be processing adoption cases, however. The U.S. Embassy in Warsaw, Poland will process Ukrainian adoption cases in addition to A and G diplomatic and official visas.

If you have any questions about visa cases, contact [email protected]. Nonimmigrant visa (NIV) applications may be processed wherever a Ukrainian applicant is physically present and able to schedule an appointment. Those applicants who are interested in this should follow instructions on their chosen Embassy website to apply for an NIV. You can find the full list of Embassy websites at

Ukrainian applicants do not need a Schengen visa to enter into Germany or Poland. However, IV and DV applicants who have already had appointments scheduled at the Frankfurt Consulate or Warsaw Embassy may request to be transferred to another post. To transfer a case, the applicant should contact the desired post to request a case transfer, which must be accepted by the desired post. IV and DV applicants who have not been scheduled will be assigned automatically to Frankfurt and will be notified of their appointment times. Unscheduled Ukrainian DV applicants who need to interview outside of Germany can send requests to [email protected].

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