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U.S. Passports Boast New Look & Enhanced Security Features

The United States government recently introduced a new passport called the Next Generation Passport (NGP) that will not only look different than older passports, but it also has some new unique features to boost safety for travelers. 

Physically, the NGP will be much different from older versions of passports in a variety of ways. Some of these key differences between the NGP and older passports include the NGP being made of polycarbonate, the NGP having a passport number with both numbers and letters, and the NGP having a multi-layered plastic data page. 

The NGP also has new features that are in place to help enhance passport security. These new additions should aid in preventing identity theft and passport counterfeiting. Some of the new features include: a polycarbonate data page, updated artwork, laser engraved personalization, black and white photo images, and a multi-layered plastic data page. 

With the issuance of new passports, people are wondering if they need to get a new one. The answer to this question is no, if your current passport is still valid you do not need to get a new one. You are still OK to travel with your current passport until it expires. However, having an NGP may be required to travel internationally in the future.

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