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USCIS Has Extended Flexibility for Responding to Agency Requests

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, USCIS has announced that it is extending the flexibilities initially announced on March 30th, 2020. These flexibilities are designed to assist applicants, petitioners, and requestors who are responding to certain:

  • Requests for Evidence;
  • Continuations to Request Evidence (N-14);
  • Notices of Intent to Deny;
  • Notices of Intent to Revoke;
  • Notices of Intent to Rescind;
  • Notices of Intent to Terminate regional centers; and
  • Motions to Reopen an N-400 Pursuant to 8 CFR 335.5, Receipt of Derogatory Information After Grant.

The flexibility applies to the document types that are listed above if the issuance date listed on request, notice or decision is between March 1st, 2020, and March 26, 2022, inclusive. USCIS has said that they will consider a response to the above requests and notices that are received within 60 calendar days after the response due date set in the request or notice before taking any action.

In addition to the flexibility extension, USCIS will also consider a Form I-290B, Notice of Appeal or Motion, or Form N-336 if these forms were filed up to 60 calendar days from the issuance of a decision made by USCIS and if the decision was made between March 1st, 2020, and October 31st, 2021, inclusive. 

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