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USCIS Launches "ELIS" an Online Immigration System

On Tuesday, May 22nd, USCIS launched their initial release of an online electronic immigration system (“ELIS”).  ELIS is the agency’s first web-based system and was created to modernize the filing and adjudication process for certain immigration benefits.
ELIS is aimed at moving away from paper-based applications and petitions as well as providing improved customer service, shorter processing times, and enhanced adjudication methods designed at combating fraud and safeguarding national security.  Future releases will include form-based functionality and will gradually expand to include all immigration benefits.  ELIS will allow individuals and their legal representatives to create their own online account, manage interactions and preferences, access more detailed help options and view their case status.  One major benefit, will allow fees to be paid by credit card.
Initially, Applications to Extend/Change Status (Form I-539) will be accepted and only by those in B-1, B-2, F-1, J-1, J-2, M-1, M-2 status.  USCIS hopes to expand the program upon successful implementation of the initial phase.
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Page summary:  USCIS launches an online electronic immigration system “ELIS” which will allow for electronic filing of forms as well as payment by credit card.