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USCIS Virtual Assistant ‘Emma’ Now Available in Spanish

Habla Espanol ?In December of 2015, USCIS launched a virtual assistant named “Emma” to help web visitors find information quickly. Emma was originally launched in English only. Since then, USCIS has been working hard to train Emma to speak Spanish. In March, USCIS began testing Emma on Spanish to help customers find what they need. After honing her skills with the help from Spanish-speaking web customers, Emma is now fully interactive in Spanish.

Customers can speak to Emma in Spanish using their own native words; there is no need to know specific government language or terms. Customers can simply type their questions into the chat box and Emma will provide an answer or a link to the correct webpage where the related information can be found.

Emma works on desktop computers, laptops and also mobile devices. Emma is an example of recent USCIS efforts to make their webpage easier to use and navigate.

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