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USCIS Website Offers a Brand New Look and Enhanced Features

USCIS recently unveiled their new and improved website, featuring a cleaner look and more efficient tools. The updated web page now provides easy-to-navigate sections on news, outreach events, educational webinars and more, while still offering the practical icons and tabs that users are familiar with.
The biggest change involved the Case Status Tool, a feature that allows foreign nationals with pending cases to track the immigration process step by step. The Case Status Tool can now be accessed from a mobile device, a feature previously not available. In addition, the tool now includes case history, next steps, and more detailed case-related information.
This recent change is in addition to upgrades made earlier in the year to the Change of Address and e-Request tools, two of the most commonly used features on the website. Improvements have been made as an effort to take action on customer feedback. Further updates on the USCIS website are expected in the upcoming months as the service strives to allow visitors more access to information over the internet, versus spending time on the phone.
To learn more about these tools, track your case, or submit case questions, please visit
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