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Visa Services Interview: Toni Calliva, Visa Agent London

1. Please provide a brief summary of your role in the Visa Services process at BIL.

My role is to meet the clients at their visa appointments at the London Embassy. I bring all the required paperwork the client will need for their interview and take the client to the front of the appointment queue. This means the client will have little to no wait when they arrive at the Embassy.

2. What makes Berardis Visa Services special and unique?

Our visa services are unique because they are truly full service, and we do our best to take the stress out of the entire visa process. We are with you every step of the wayfrom the first consultation to the final interview. At the interview, you dont have to worry about forgetting important documents or wondering where to go, because I am there to help you.

3. What are the benefits of applicants going to the consulate with you rather than going by themselves?

When I meet clients at the Embassy, I arrive beforehand to meet with the checkpoint staff. The client spends less time at the Embassy than they would if they had gone to their appointment on their own. I am the last point of contact before the client goes into their interview, so we are able to talk through any last-minute concerns the client might have.

4. Why should people choose Berardi Immigration Laws Visa Services to handle/coordinate their visas?

People should choose our services because applying for your visa is a quite complicated process, and while seemingly not as important, a visa is the final step before you can lawfully work in the U.S.

5. How do you ensure that everyone is fully prepared for their visa interview?

I coordinate directly with Allison Gilbert, so I understand the clients unique situation. I ensure that I bring all of the necessary paperwork needed because each type of visa requires different documentation. I am also able to talk with the clients before their interviews in case they have any last minute questions.

6. How many visas have you assisted in facilitating while working for Berardi Immigration Law (estimate if possible)?

I have assisted in over 700 visa applications while working for Berardi Immigration Law. (NOTE: Counted 734 London appointments since June 2011, the start of Yvonnes records, Cindy said BIL first paid Toni in April 2011)

7. Why do you recommend using BILs visa services?

I recommend that people take advantage of our services because we know how to properly prepare many types of complicated visa applications. We ensure that each of our clients are fully prepared and feel confident going into their interviews.

8. What is your favorite part of your job?

I love meeting such talented people and seeing visas get approved. It makes all the stress in the run-up worth itknowing that I played a part in making someones dreams come true.