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When Will USCIS Reuse biometrics?

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires biometrics for a handful of common applications. If you are getting ready for a biometrics appointment, be sure to read our post on Preparing for Your Biometrics Appointment. However, if you have previously submitted biometrics, you may be wondering if they can be reused. 

After collecting your biometrics, the FBI runs a name check on each applicant that must be completed and cleared before an applicant’s case can be scheduled for interview or adjudicated. The response from the FBI can be used to support other applications for 15 months after the FBI process date. If you have surpassed the 15-month mark, you will need to submit biometrics again. If USCIS decides to reuse your previous biometrics submission for a new application within the 15-month time frame, you will get a notice from USCIS stating so. Otherwise, you will receive a notice of your scheduled biometrics appointment. 

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