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  • L-1 Case Summary 2.6.2020

    Senior Associate Attorney Gabriella Agostinelli tells us about her recent L-1 approval at the border.  She discusses one of her most frequently asked questions—do I really need an L-1?  The L-1 category is very flexible –you can come here once a month or once a year.  If you are interested in spending more than 183 […]
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  • L-1 Foreign Employment Requirement

    The L-1 category for intracompany transferees is available to individuals who have worked on a full-time basis for at least one year in the three years preceding the petition for a foreign corporation with a parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliate in the U.S. Foreign Employment Requirements Qualifying Capacity The applicant must qualify in a capacity […]
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  • Immigration Best Practices for Mergers & Acquisitions

    QUESTIONS TO ASK ABOUT THE PROPOSED MERGER/ACQUISITION: How is the deal to be structured? Is it a merger or a spin-off where employees will have a new employer with a different FEIN? Is it a stock purchase? Is it an asset acquisition where no liabilities are being assumed? Is it a successor in interest where […]
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  • Best Practices for Employers to Avoid Immigration Violations

    General Overview Enforcement actions or audits can be carried out by various arms of the government, including U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS), Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the Department of Labor (DOL). Inquiries by one government agency will often result in inquiries or actions by another government agency. The most common types of […]
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  • Setting Up a Corporate Immigration Policy

    Immigration is a key component of many company strategies for workplace competitiveness. American employers who currently hire foreign national workers and those who plan to do so in the future, need to have a formal corporate immigration policy in place to ensure that they are competitive in the marketplace and can attract and hold foreign […]
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