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  • Understanding the Conrad 30 Waiver Program for J-1 Foreign Medical Graduates

    The Conrad 30 Waiver Program offers a pathway for J-1 foreign medical graduates (FMGs) to remain in the United States beyond their J-1 visa terms, provided they commit to working in medically underserved areas. This waiver circumvents the standard two-year foreign residence requirement mandated upon the completion of the J-1 exchange visitor program.  Addressing Doctor […]
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  • The Health & Human Services (HHS) Waiver Option for Physicians

    The Health and Human Services (HHS) J waiver, an integral part of U.S. immigration policy, allows foreign medical graduates on J-1 visas to waive their two-year home-country physical presence requirement under specific conditions. This option proves beneficial for physicians specializing in primary care who are within a year of completion of a medical residency program.  […]
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  • HHS Expands Clinical Waiver Program to “All Facilities” in HPSA 07 or Higher

    The J-1 visa offers researchers, scholars, professors, medical trainees, and others the opportunity to come to the United States to participate in a sponsored program. However, the amount of time the visa holder can remain in the country is not unlimited. Exchange visitors under the J-1 program are required to return to their home country […]
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