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Tag: I-192

  • How Do Non-Canadians Apply for a Nonimmigrant Waiver?

    Once you are found to be inadmissible, the U.S. government will not issue you a visa to work, study, visit for pleasure, and so on. If you are found to be inadmissible, the only way to be admitted into the United States is if you obtain an I-192 waiver (Application for Advanced Permission to Enter […]
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  • COVID-19 & Its Impact On Nonimmigrant Waiver Applications

    Form I-192 allows inadmissible nonimmigrant aliens to apply for advance permission to temporarily enter the United States. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the Canadian Border closing, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has stopped accepting waiver applications and is not processing I-192 biometrics for e-SAFE pending applications.  Originally, the I-192 filing fee was supposed to increase from $585 […]
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