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Tag: USCIS processing times

  • USCIS Set to Improve Case Processing Data Communications

    On May 5th, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that they will be implementing changes to simplify its communications of case processing times when it reports this information to the public. These changes should make it easier for individuals to get a more immediate answer as to when they can inquire about their case. […]
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  • USCIS Announces New Efforts to Reduce Backlogs

    Recently, USCIS has announced new efforts to combat the major backlogs in the immigration system brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors. USCIS claims that these new efforts will provide for a fairer and more streamlined legal immigration process. One method to reduce backlog is an internal cycle time goal to track the […]
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  • USCIS Updated Processing Time Webpage

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has launched a new pilot to test a redesigned processing times webpage that will display the data for all its forms in an easier-to-read format. In addition, USCIS is also testing a new way of collecting information and calculating the processing times for some of its forms. Currently, the […]
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  • USCIS Changes How Processing Times Are Posted

    USCIS has recently announced that it has changed how it posts processing times. Rather than listing weeks or months, it now provides specific dates. This is a small initial step towards providing better customer service and giving individuals and employers the information they need regarding their immigration case. However, it should be noted that the […]
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  • Don't Rely on USCIS Processing Times

    Many individuals face tight deadlines when applying for immigration benefits such as status in a nonimmigrant visa category.  While USCIS does post processing times on their website, we remind clients, “Don’t rely on USCIS processing times.”  The times that USCIS posts are intended to provide a general guideline for how long it may take for […]
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