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Tag: new technology

  • Technology & Immigration: New App Aims to Make Visa Applications Easier

    Visa processing has always been a hassle for nonimmigrants, hours of work is required to sift through all the documents and required items to include in one’s application. Some in the technology world are looking to change this norm, however. A company by the name of ‘Atlys’ is on the forefront of this technological revolution, […]
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  • Modernizing NEXUS AIR Processing at Canadian Airports

    The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) just recently announced it will be modernizing the way NEXUS members are processed at Canadian airports. The existing NEXUS kiosks that use iris recognition technology will be replaced with new, modernized NEXUS kiosks that use facial verification technology. This new process will first launch in fall 2019 at Vancouver […]
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