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What is a Priority Date? The Visa Bulletin Explained

Congress limits the number of foreign nationals that may immigrate permanently to the U.S. each year. Since there are more people who apply than the number of immigrant visas that will be issued on an annual basis, a backlog is created. In addition to setting an overall limit on the number of green cards that […]

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Visa Bulletin, Priority Dates, & PERMs

In PERM green card cases, you might often hear the term “priority date.”  So what exactly is that, and how does it relate to the Visa Bulletin? Well, the number of employment-based green cards issued each year is limited to a statutory threshold. Since there are more people who apply than the number of immigrant visas […]

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August 2019 Visa Bulletin Reveals Significant Retrogressions in Several Categories

The Department of State (DOS) releases the Visa Bulletin every month which summarizes the availability of immigrant visa numbers. The Visa Bulletin is used to determine when a foreign national’s green card application is eligible to move forward.  DOS has recently released the August 2019 visa bulletin which contains notable retrogressions in employment-based (EB) categories.  […]

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Understanding the Visa Bulletin

The government has placed statutory limits on how many people can immigrate to the United States each year, so once you submit your application, you may have to wait until there is a visa available in the category you applied for. Each month, the Department of State (DOS) issues a visa bulletin, which indicates when […]

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What is the Visa Bulletin?

In several of our previous blogs, you may have noticed the term “visa bulletin.” This is a term that pops up quite frequently when discussing immigration matters. The visa bulletin is a monthly online publication issued by the United States Department of State containing detailed information on the availability of immigrant visa numbers. It is […]

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Movement in Visa Number Availability

Every month U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services provides a visa bulletin indicating the availability of immigrant numbers during that specific month.  Since each visa category has a numerical limitation, this bulletin provides Consular officers the priority date for the qualified applicants.   Only applicants who have a priority date earlier than the cut-off date may be allotted […]

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