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Tag: Comprehensive Immigration Reform

  • Senate Unanimously Passes Immigration Bill Lobbied by Big Tech

    On December 2, 2020, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a bill entitled “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act of 2020.” The bill, which sets out new provisions focused on both green card and H-1B temporary worker reform, was passed without any public hearings and is said to pacify Big Tech’s hankering for cheap indentured labor. Notably, this is the […]
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  • What to expect: Immigration Law Changes in 2014

    2013 was an interesting year for immigration. Hot topics in the news ranged from immigration reform to the decrease in deportations. However some of the most newsworthy topics haven’t quite played out yet. So what should we expect for immigration law changes in 2014? Comprehensive Immigration Reform With comprehensive immigration reform as one of Obama’s key […]
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  • CIR Ready to Hit Senate Floor

    On Tuesday, May 21, 2013 the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill.  The 13-5 vote by the Judiciary panel now sends the measure to the Senate floor for consideration.  If this plan is ultimately approved it would be the first overhaul on the nation’s immigration policy since 1986. The reform as […]
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  • CIR Bill Heading to Senate Next Week?

    Berardi Immigration Law is closely following the bipartisan plans for comprehensive immigration reform.   The proposed bill aims to protect family immigration while simultaneously shifting towards a system that will provide opportunities for foreigners who can bring work-skills to the United States. The bill has been reported to include the following provisions, among many others: A […]
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  • Obama to announce plan for comprehensive immigration reform

    President Obama is scheduled to speak at 2:55 ET today from Del Sol High School in Las Vegas. The speech will focus on the President’s plan for comprehensive immigration reform. White House officials stated they are not going to make the President’s specific plan public at this point because they are encouraged by the plan […]
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  • BREAKING NEWS – Bipartisan Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

    Senators from both sides of the aisle are expected to participate in a press conference at 2:30 pm today “to provide a key update on their discussions on a comprehensive immigration reform bill,” according to a release from Sen. Marco Rubio office. Senators Schumer (D- NY), McCain (R-AZ), Durbin (D-IL), Graham (R-SC), Menendez (D – […]
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