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Tag: GC Process

  • Adjustment of Status or Immigrant Visa Processing: Which is Better?

    The last step in the green card process is asking the U.S. government to create the physical green card. This can be done in two ways, either through Adjustment of Status (AOS) or through Immigrant Visa Processing (IVP). Each option has their own benefits and faults, it is important to look at current processing times […]
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  • What is a Priority Date? The Visa Bulletin Explained

    Congress limits the number of foreign nationals that may immigrate permanently to the U.S. each year. Since there are more people who apply than the number of immigrant visas that will be issued on an annual basis, a backlog is created. In addition to setting an overall limit on the number of green cards that […]
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  • PERM: Successor in Interest

    If a company has been acquired, merged or had a significant change in its ownership, this may have an impact on a foreign national’s PERM application.  If the legal entity of the employer changes while the PERM application is pending with DOL, the application may become invalid unless the new company meets several criteria to qualify […]
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  • Job Portability: Understanding “Same or Similar” in an I-140 World

    Sometimes, foreign nationals wish to take a new position with their same employer or even with a different company during the green card process. This may be permitted so long as the new job offer is in the “same or a similar” occupational classification as the job offer for which the Form I-140 petition was […]
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  • Form I-140: Immigrant Petition for Employment-based Green Cards – Approval and Revocation

    Once the PERM process is complete and the PERM has been certified by DOL, the sponsoring employer next files Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS). The petitioner must provide evidence that the applicant holds the qualifying educational credentials and skills requirements, and that the company has the […]
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