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USCIS Updates Guidelines for Naturalization Requirement of Good Moral Character

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) requires naturalization applicants to demonstrate good moral character (GMC). Some offenses, such as murder and aggravated felony, can permanently bar applicants from establishing GMC. Lesser offenses can conditionally bar applicants from proving GMC, requiring them to wait until they have established the statutory period without an offense to reapply […]

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USCIS Announces Plans to Improve the Naturalization Test

USCIS has announced that it will begin implementing an updated naturalization test beginning December 2020 or early 2021. In order to naturalize, candidates must demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of U.S. civics and the English language by passing a naturalization test.   In December 2018, USCIS formed a naturalization test revision working group with members from […]

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Fun Facts & Information on Naturalization

Here at Berardi Immigration Law, we are proud to help our clients make their American dreams a reality! What better way to celebrate the upcoming Fourth of July holiday than to take a look at some interesting facts on naturalization. Naturalization is the process through which a green card holder in the United States can […]

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Controlled Substances and Naturalization

Naturalization is the process by which individuals not born on United States soil become American citizens. The process requires a long application process in order to satisfy certain general requirements. One of these requirements is that the applicant prove, through his or her application, that he or she is a person of good moral character. […]

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Client of the Month: Mark Jones

Berardi Immigration Law is happy to have recently helped Mark Jones acquire U.S. citizenship! Mark is a long-standing client of Berardi Immigration Law (BIL); in fact, he was one of Rosanna’s first clients upon the founding of the firm in 2005! The firm has assisted Mark through the process of applying for his marriage-based green […]

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Featured Client of the Month: Peter Hapak

Peter Hapak is a long-standing client of Berardi Immigration Law. Peter’s relationship with Berardi Immigration Law began when he decided it was time to settle permanently in the United States due to many of the opportunities available here. He decided to apply to become a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States after spending years […]

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