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Author: David Lewis

  • Renouncing U.S. Citizenship: Pros & Cons

    Sometimes, it is necessary for a U.S. citizen to renounce or give up their U.S. citizenship. Below we look at some of the pros and the cons to renouncing your U.S. citizenship.  Pros of Renouncing US Citizenship Cons of Renouncing US Citizenship If you are interested in renouncing your U.S. citizenship, be sure to contact […]
  • Common Questions about Traveling During the Naturalization Process

    If you currently have a naturalization application pending with the U.S. government, you may be wondering if you can travel in the period between your naturalization interview and your oath ceremony. The short answer is yes: there is no restriction on international travel when you apply for naturalization nor after you have been recommended for […]
  • DOS Update on Administrative Processing

    The Department of State (“DOS”) recently provided an update on its administrative processing progress, stating that it has made significant progress in processing visas more efficiently while maintaining national security measures. DOS has been successful in reducing the time required for “administrative processing,” which includes various additional steps needed before a consular officer can finalize […]
  • Celebrating 30 Years Working in Immigration

    Thirty years ago, I started my career as an Immigration Inspector at the Peace Bridge while attending law school. I quickly climbed the ranks at INS, eventually being hired as a full-time Immigration Trial Attorney in the New York City office. This multi-dimensional immigration experience gives Berardi Immigration Law an edge over other law firms. […]
  • Memorial Day Travel Tips

    According to AAA, this Memorial Day weekend is set out to be the third busiest since 2000. As the holiday approaches, it is key to be informed to make your travels stress-free. Identification Whether traveling domestically or internationally, it is a must to have valid identification documents. Be sure to keep your identification on your […]
  • What Can I Expect at My Naturalization Testing and Interview?

    Going into your naturalization interview can seem daunting. Our recent experience accompanying a client to their interview can provide you with some insight as to what you might expect at your own interview and ease some of your concerns.  According to our recent experience, the following provides a description of what you may expect your […]
  • Deemed Rehabilitation: Do You Qualify?

    Are you wondering if you qualify for deemed rehabilitation? Berardi Immigration Law can help! Join us as we discuss the details of deemed rehabilitation and review eligibility requirements. Get your questions answered by our Canadian immigration attorney, so that you can make an informed decision and take advantage of this essential immigration process. Did you […]
  • Your L-1B Border Interview: A Guide

    Are you planning on entering the United States with an L-1B visa? Don’t miss this comprehensive guide to help you prepare for your border interview! Learn all of the key tips and tricks to make sure your journey is a success when you watch this video! The L-1 nonimmigrant category is for intracompany transfers and […]
  • What’s the Difference between an Embassy and a Consulate?

    Embassies and consulates play vital roles in facilitating diplomatic affairs and providing essential services to citizens of a foreign country. While the terms “embassy” and “consulate” are often used interchangeably, they represent distinct entities with specific functions. In this discussion, we will dive into the differences between an embassy and a consulate, shedding light on […]
  • Here’s How to Fix U.S. Immigration

    Our Managing Partner, Rosanna Berardi, has been working as an immigration lawyer for 26 years. Like many of us, she knows the system is broken – here is the first of a series of ideas Rosanna has on how to fix it. If you have any questions, contact Berardi Immigration Law today. We would love […]