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Nonimmigrant Visa Appointments in Canada Restricted in Summer 2014

Summer is a busy time of year for everyone, including the United States government. In order to keep up with nonimmigrant visa demands, visa appointments have been significantly restricted for Third Country Nationals (TCNs) in Canada. In this context, “TCN” refers to any non-Canadian citizen or legal resident applying for a U.S. nonimmigrant visa at an embassy or consulate in Canada.
A nonimmigrant visa is one of a number of visa types that allow individuals to enter the U.S. for various reasons relating to business or pleasure. Here is a link to our blog about nonimmigrant visa types:
TCNs who wish to attend their nonimmigrant visa interviews at any of the embassies or consulates in Canada will find those available visa appointments severely restricted or nonexistent for the months of June, July and August. U.S. Department of State officials are advising that appointments at visa processing centers in Calgary and Vancouver should become more readily available beginning in September, while Toronto or Ottawa anticipate scheduling availability to open up in October.
Applicants whose visa appointments have already been scheduled during the summer months will not be impacted nor will applicants who reside in Canada with Canadian immigration status.
Visa Processing Services
Other options do exist. Berardi Immigration Law has a department which focuses exclusively on assisting foreign nationals navigate through the extremely complicated process of obtaining a nonimmigrant visa. Our visa specialists can assist foreign nationals with:
• Determining whether or not a visa is required to enter the United States.
• Verifying availability of appointments at embassies and consulates worldwide.
• Scheduling nonimmigrant visa appointments.
• Preparing and submitting the required Department of State electronic form DS-160 prior to the interview.
• Advising specific documentation required to be brought to the interview, based on the applicant’s nonimmigrant visa status.
• Tracking the return of the applicant’s passport to the foreign national after the interview.
If you are seeking a nonimmigrant visa or a visa processing appointment, contact our office and let our experienced staff handle your case. Berardi Immigration Law is a global leader in U.S. visa services, and our highly experienced staff including immigration law attorneys is poised to assist you!